Salvaged lumber

We have a wide variety of  unique salvaged lumber sourced from throughout the Western United States. Most, if not all, the salvaged lumber we supply has been pulled from old barns. These barns have been sitting untouched for many years weathering into beautiful perfection. Not only has the wood aged and built a patina, but it has also been beaten by Mother Nature's elements. This natural aging that occurs helps give a nice rustic feel to wherever our reclaimed wood is implemented. Another thing to think about is when this salvaged lumber was milled, sometimes over 100 years ago, it came from very old and tight grained trees. These trees produced wood that was much tougher, bug resistant, and carries more character then what we mill these days. The end product is something that will and can never be reproduced... Our stock is always revolving , so check with us for the latest.

Salvaged lumber signage at Made Lumber Supply in San Diego, CA
made lumber salvaged barn wood in san diego
made lumber salvaged barn wood in san diego

Salvaged redwood

The salvaged redwood we find mostly comes from old water tanks, decrepit structures, or pulled from old barns. The beauty in this wood is it never rots, therefore holding its original beauty within. Old growth redwood has much tighter grain then what is found these days mostly because it came from 3,000+ year old trees. Once you compare the old growth with whats available today you will never go back, its unbeatable.

made lumber salvaged barn siding in San Diego
salvaged redwood lumber in san diego
salvaged lumber in san diego


Aged to perfection live edge slabs and the highest quality dimensional lumber.

live edge slabs san diego

Aged to perfection

Live edge slabs

san diego dimensional muber from made lumber

Highest quality

Dimensional lumber